Youth Enterpreneurship


With the economical crisis over the world, the situation can get very difficult, especially for the young people. There are constant budget cuts on education, health and social affairs. But maybe we have to reflect on the responsabilities of the goverment and ask ourselves what is our position in our society. Are we mere consumers of the political decisions or do we want to become active involved in the construction of our own present and future?

Watch the videos and try to understand these entrepreneurs. What do they have in common? What are the differences about them.

Then find a problem around you.(in your life, in your country). Try yo solve it and BUİLD a business in your mind.

Draw it an present it to your group.

You are the entrepreneur!


Social Entrepreneurship

Players:10-15 youngsters
Materials: One paper, one pen and your creative ideas

How do we play?

Step 1: If you can do anything in your life without any obstacle –you dont have to worry about Money, education, the think of people about you- what was your life like?
Make your own list.
Keep that list.

Then, Lets think about What stops you to do these things? Make your second list.(10 min)
Discuss and share your list with other participants.

Step 3:
Talk that ‘How can we get rid of these obstacles?’ Maket he third list.(10 min)

Step 4:
Make groups with 2 participants. Chose 1 or 2 substances.
List with your partners the action steps. (your plan in future (this wwek, this month, this year, in 10 years).(15 min)

Make a presentation about this steps to your group.(20min)


Golden Orange Youth Group
Golden Orange Youth Club gathered in activity room on 16th April,2013..
Aim: To encourage young people to talk and write about tthemselves on the given issue and also to be creative about youth entrepreneurship..

ACTIVITY 1 - A-We firstly talked and discussed about the what entrepreneurship i mean..And it is described that making money by running or starting business taking financial risks..
Then We watched the two videos and discussed about them..In the two videos they aim to  contribute a better community with their -less pollution and use waste in a good way ..the other- makes more healthy,  confident and conscious youngsters..

B-Berkay ,Deniz ,Efe and Utku  have thought that they can run for a Cafe & Restaurant called SUGAR BOWL.where organic food and natural drinks would be sold . They aim both educate and entertain young guests there ..Inside the cafe the guests would find library and music box corner..etc.

Helin-Gizem-Damla also think that they would run a center which would be used for the homeless youngsters.

ACTIVITY 2 - C-Without obstacles the life for youngsters would be..
Helin and Gizem aged 15 think that l
ife would be so boring and couldnt understand the value of happiness..
Deniz and Berkay aged 18 told that If there werent obstacles in their lives, it would be so is meaningful when you try for their ambitions..

D-What stops you to do things...
a-The education system in our country is so hard that we cant enjoy and read books a lot..
b-Doubt about future: University education and unemployment..
c-Economical problems..
d-The view of our society,limits and the rules as well..

Video conference between Golden Orange Youth Group Turkey and ACAT Haiti 

As it was mentioned on the video conferance schedule, Ghessica and I had a skype meeting at 20:00 oclock on 12 February 2013  . It was so nice and great to meet with Ghessica on the skype..We had 7h difference in time between Turkey and Haiti so we just group leaders had the chance to skype of each other  ..In spite of long hours between us, we promised that we will try to arrange a skype meeting with the youngsters from Turkey and Haiti in the following days as well. Firstly, We introduced ourselves and our organizations and talked about our activities..Ghessica told that She  is in ACAT, She works with young people, survivors of the earthquake and women victim of violence. In this project they work with young people in a locality of Port-au-Prince, named Martissant..

We also talked about how young people would contact of each other..Adding them of each other on facebook account seemed impossible as the youngsters in Haiti dont have  chance to use facebook account much. So we have thought that Organization of a skype meeting would make them to see and understand them better.
And we concluded our meeting wishing to meet in a seminar and a youth exchange..
I was so happy that ı have one more a new friend from Haiti..

Haiti ACAT

Our JPP group was discussing about the youth entrepreneurship. We watched the two videos related with the subject. 
Both were unemployed and have decided to set up a business. Then they are both entrepreneur.
Their business is profitable to their community.
  • Langa Sangoni: his business contributes to a better community with less pollution.
  • Craig Canguru: the Capoeira makes more confident youngsters.
On the other hand, they differ by their business orientation.
  • Langa Sangoni has created a small business where people find job.
  • Craig Canguru opted for a social community business: some people find jobs and other pay to have a training for their personal fulfillment.
In our country we face some problems that prevent us to have more entrepreneurship ideas.
The main problem is that the persons cannot manage to put themselves together to build something. Lack of employment for young people, many people has problems to get employed because they don’t master our second language (French).  The increasing number of children on the streets.
To resolve these problems we can:
  • alphabetize
  • Officialization of the Creole in offices
  • Make businesses in partners
  • To stop burning corporate assets, that makes delay the country;
  • Reception center for children that are living in the street;
  • Give entrepreneurship training for young people;
  • Let the government have the chance to make his mandate, for the stabilization of our country.
Here are the Businesses that our youngsters thought about:
  • SN Electronics
  • Repair radios, sale of electronics materials, and sale of electronics piece. More employed people.
  • Private Hospital Roldaphe Joseph
  • Aim: reduce the mortality rate due to the lack of emergency care
  • Public Hospital
  • Free care
  • Emergency care for people in need.
  • FB electrics and plumbing.

Ajovenes Solidarios Spain

In the last sessions we first watched the 2 videos, that sparked the conversation about self-employment.  Later on everyone contributed with their opinion on the current situation with the issue of employment in spain today and together we searched for a solution. Everyone pitched in their personal ideas of what they would like to create if money wasn't a problem. Their proposals for the future was shared with everyone in the group, and we discussed what it would require to bring their ideas into reality. 

One  of our conclusion was that it would be important to work together in a team rather than alone as two heads are better than one. Another conclusion was thats offering our skills and knowledge demanded a lot of time and dedication, but if we worked together, we could benefit from each others strength, and find new ways of creating new projects that could help the society, and at the same time not have to contribute to the consuming world of today. 


 VIDEO CONFERENCE. Latvia - Palestine: Similarities and Differences!

In the community house of Vecumnieki, Vecumnieki district scouts unit lesson was held on the afternoon of 14th February. It was agreed to meet half an hour earlier due to this lesson would be unusual.
From September we have been involved in international project „Youth Participation 2 Our Future”, which in translation to Latvian language means „Tava līdzdalība mūsu nākotnai”. During this project three main topics will be worked on throughout the school year. These topics are- social justice, environment and entrepreneurial ability. Work and activities on these topics are done in parallel in different countries, such as Spain, Albania, Slovakia, Turkey, Jordan, Palestine, Morocco and Haiti.
One of the activities is a video conference between the various youth groups. This time we had e-conference with youth group form Palestine. In spite of poor internet connection we managed to get to know each other organizations and activities. Then by video conference we met young people form Jerusalem, which operates in youth parliament. We shared experience on completed project activities. Common song for the project is developed by Palestinian youth group, we on the other hand have submitted exchange project, which hopefully will be held in august in Latvia. On the short meeting situation in their county was discussed, which are indeed not enviable. The Palestinian group told us about the conflict and their youth life in it. Also they asked whether Latvia has experienced occupation. We can be proud of our youth, for they were able to tell in short terms about history of Latvia. Then we agreed to get to know and to understand each other by making presentation about home country.
These video conferences and international projects are great opportunity to broaden reach and understanding of different cultures and expanding understanding of their own. It is an opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in school, real interaction with their peers from other countries.
Writen by Renārs Manuilovs
Translated by Ainārs Knoks


We wanted some researches about Youth Entrepreneurship topic. They came with an job oportunity and they intreduced it. We talked about voluntariness, entrepreneurship,employement in cities and villages, job openings for young people. Then, we watched the videos and did activities. Here is the report

We talked about the employees in the videos. One of them got in market with recycling some rubbish. The other started his job to educate some youngsters. Both of them worked for a better world. We tought that they aim is the same.
We talked about the problems in our city, country and world.We started to think about the problems in our city  and devided youngsters to two groups . We wanted them to set up a job and introduce it with two rapporteur. Here is the  our entrepreneurs’ ideas.
First group : we know that gipsys in our cities are very happy and loves music. Thet mostly all are good in music and they play some instruments all time. We think to educate them in an academy with some music teachers. Then we will set up an orchestra and start some concert in our city and country. At the end they will give some international concerts.
Second group: We will start a job about stray animals or the animals requiring care. We set an equip with vets, volunteers, zoophilias and lawyers. We will find the stray animals with volunteers, cure them in clinic and send them to household. Then, volunteers find them new owners.

Step1: We talk about the life without any obstacles. There would be no boundaries between countries and all of us would be citizen of the world. And most of us want to travel the world, live in some yatches or good places.
Step2: Then we talked about what stops us. Money, education, responsibilities, prejudice..
Step3: As far as we talk, we realize that there are too many people achieved the aims in step 1 with too many obstacles and we made the plan.
Step4:  First day: create a website about being penfriend
              First week: İntruduce and advertise the website.
              First month: the first penfriendships starts.
             First year: Make money with ads and funds and make some plans.
              Year 5: International trips starts between friends and fund makes it easier.
             Year 15: There are too many members and international youth exchanges.

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