Social Justice

What does the social justice mean to you? Discover it by watching one of the two proposed videos.

All known human societies appear not iqual: socially, economicly and politically.

Were you able to watch this video? Imagine how lucky you are!!!

Together with your group try to answer the following questions:

1. To get to this situation, what could happend?
2. Which measures did not work?
3. What can we do about it?


To see social injustice you don´t have to travel to a far away country. so the first activity is to find together an example of social injustice in your own environment. Anwer the same questions as with the video. Publish the case discription and the answers on the blog.

NGO "Jaunatne smaidam"/"Youth for Smile"
Social justice - we should begin to think and talk!

In the first days of january Vecumnieku scout and guide unit come to first session. This year we started with a backlog from last year - discussion on social justice. 

Looking at the video of the young Spanish for thought on this subject we understand the complexity of the social justic.
Trying to define social justice we came to a few key words - democracy, security, the environment, laws. It was difficult to express it in words, what do we mean by this term. However, we understand that it is important to all human and it is important to work on support system through the law and support organisation.
The project proposed video gave insight into the understanding of the field of social justice
on a global scale. We were also interested to look at the problems here in Latvian and Vecumnieki region. Social justice as a problem appeare in many things. Alcoholics and drug addicts - What is their story? Are we, as a society, are able to help them solve their problem? Why we don’t care about them? Why do we consider them to be a hopeless case? Does everyone have access to basic services, education? Problem families - How can we support the family? Lying and breach of promise - Why we do not hold promises? Why do we lie? Why we do not take into account the needs of every member of society? Whether it is an adult or a child? Currency Exchange - Many will lose and many will benefit. There are many issues on which we should begin to think and talk!
We managed to also say the things that everyone can do to move step-by-step development. It is important for every member of society to participate. Working in non-profit organizations, we can do much more. Also, volunteering is a good tool. Young people are trained to plan your budget. We can donate things to someone who is very much needed. Already today, we can do more to promote the charity.
Guntars, Alvis and Diana.

Orange Youth group
We went to visit a Life Academy where mentally disabled people do rhythm and social activities. They made an agreement to come to our school to make a concert.

Results of the Activity 1 - SLOVAKIA 

 Social justice is a state where all the people are respected in a same way, where a person's opportunities are the same and where all the people can have the same access to fulfill their basic needs. 
Everybody living on Earth deserves social justice, inspire of this, we mostly live in society with social injustice. We think that people have to change their attitude in order to cease the social injustice around us. We need (all of the people) to fix ourselves, and understand that we depend on each other, that the good working society is based on mutual trust, respect, peace, understanding and kindliness. There are many states, where things mentioned above are missing.  In our state we face the social injustice (the once we can see now) in next fields:
> - Healthcare
> - Education
> - Allocation of social allowances
> - Access to social services

thanks again

Youth of association TIMZDAY

We have gathered we the youth of association TIMZDAY chtouka ait baha to study the first activity in the YP2O project about the subject of the social justice. And after seeing the videos and after a long discussion we have finished to  the following points:

Social justice is an underlying principle for peaceful and prosperous coexistence within and among nations. We uphold the principles of social justice when we promote gender equality or the rights of indigenous peoples and migrants. We advance social justice when we remove barriers that people face because of gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, culture or disability.
For the ONGs,
-  the pursuit of social justice for all is at the core of our  mission to promote and contribution in  development and human dignity.
 - Pressure on our government for all through employment, social protection, social dialogue, and fundamental principles and rights at work.
  - The young of association says that the  proclaimed 20 February as World Day of Social Justice in 2007,
   After five years ago we should support efforts of the international community in poverty eradication, the promotion of full employment and decent work, gender equity and access to social well-being and justice for all.

As we look to the  youth exchange in Latvia ,  about social justice subject we have a chance to rethink  about this subject and to do more   activities  and  practices to present in the youth exchange in Latvia 2013 .

Here is the study of Social Justice of ACAT

November 25, we met to discuss about the social justice.

For our youngsters, social injustice means when all the people of a society don’t have an equal access of the equipment, services and the society systems.  In this case, social justice is –like has said Kofi Annan- an equal access to opportunity.
Most of the time, we cannot have social justice, and it caused by:
      Inaccessibility in health centers for persons living in the rural zones;
     Inaccessibility to the services of the Registry office in the rural zones;
     Inaccessibility to clean and treated water.
We believe that we can bring a change. As part of a Human Rights ONG, we can begin by training young people so as to make sensitive the other persons and people of their district. Solidarity will be important in this process. We need also to know our rights and respect the rights of other.
One of the most social injustices we face in Haiti is the lack of support of the retired persons.


Here is the study of Social Justice of Troy youth Club

Equal and easy access to resources education, basic human right and freedom, services for every people around the world is social justice.  However, some societies even don not have living right. When we think about the probable reasons for this situation, we see the economic differences between the countries, greed, individualism, egoism and the legal and economical system made with the impact of this egoism. As a result of individualism coming with modern world, social consciousness and moral values are seriously damaged. Everybody thinks that they cannot change the world. The belief of people in themselves has been decreasing day by day. They aren’t aware of their power.

In order to solve this problem, we must change ourselves first. Individual consciousness transforms into social consciousness eventually. We must question our life style and discuss it with other people. Media is a powerful gun in this situation. We can use media to create about social injustice in Africa, for example you can watch ‘Blood Diamond ‘.
As the result, we should believe is ourselves first and question our lives. Then, we should spread this is consciousness through the world. Social media can be a good way to achieve this goal. As Jack LONDON says; ‘A bone to the dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog’.


Here is the study of Social Justice Part of the AJS youth group.

On Wednesday 14. November, the AJS youth Group where watching pictures and videos from the general strike of that day, in which some of our members did participate. After that, we did an energizer of a group embrace, sound machine game and a dance choreography, led by our European volunteer.

After the games, we watched the videos about Social Justice on the YP2OF blog followed by a discussion about the subject. The question of the day was:  What does Social Justice mean to you?

Our final conclusion was: We should have equal opportunities amongst all the different people from all around the world.
The second question was: What could we do to provide an equal opportunity for everyone?

We should start by making people conscious of their own environment and their own qualities by respecting the others.

As stated in the famous song, Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson: ‘If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make that Change.’

We have also talked about the difficulties that young people have to defend their values that they believe in, while others choose the easiest way by copying the majority or just turning a cheek.
Here is the study of Social Justice Part of the Golden Orange youth group..

Aim: To study On Social Justice and discuss about the videos..

The project team gathered in the video class to watch and discuss about the videos..

First of all,We discussed the meaning of the word Social Justice..It means that
''Social Justice'' exercised with in a society, particularly as it is exercised by and the various classes of that society.
Socially society is based on the principle of "equality" and "solidarity" and "values of human rights" and recognized the dignity  of every humanbeing.

On the first video youngsters watched the famous people and their speeches about how Social Justice is described. 

On the second video, the project team compared how Social Justice works for some people and not for others.
The project team has really been effected by the scene of the people who are suffering from hunger and nothing to do to go on living.The project team  has also thought that how luck they are and got the result after watching them.
It is if you want to change the world, change yourself first as Mahatma Gandhi said.

Here is the study of Social Justice Part of JUZOOR youth group / Palestina 

The Palestinian partner JUZOOR/ROOTS worked with the youth group on two levels:
1-      Building capacity for the group through enhance the skills of youths and critical thinking
2-      Conducting activities of the YP2OF,
and in this stage of the project we started with
-          Social Justice topic
-          Composing an intercultural song (lyric + melody)

The Activity 1:
The Palestinian youth group met on 3rd Jan 2013
Two films screening from the blog was about Social Justice
then the discussion was raised about the definition of Social Justice and what does it mean for youths, and after the brain storming, it was agreed on the following:

*The Social Justice is a socio-economic system provides equal opportunities to citizens. It cares for equal distribution of wealth of the country. There are basic characteristics of none social justice on the local society level and global level; the Palestinian youth group has considered the most important forms of losing social justice - according to their experience  - are consisted of the following:

            On the Palestinian Local Level
-          The Israeli Occupation in Palestine practices the most discrimination, apartheid, and ethnical clearness ways against Palestinians. Building the Apartheid Wall and controlling all natural resources, and especially water resources. Besides, the Israeli Occupation targets citizens, and children. Also using illegal weapons in its last aggression against our people in Gaza.
-          Unequal opportunities between males and females. The available spaces/freedom of access to opportunities and achieve self-determination for females in Palestine is less than it’s available for males.
-          High unemployment, increasing in poverty, and increasing the class differences between people.
-          Increasing the cost of education which makes it limited for poor people to continue their education.
On the Global level:
-          Hungriness, and scattered diseases, especially in African Continent
-        Child labor in the developing countries
-          Racial discrimination based on ethnics and religion.

Most of the youths of the group agreed that there is a strong relation between losing justice on the local level and global level. As Martin Luther King said “Injustice in anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. The reasons of losing social justice on the global level is because the capitalist system which stole all bounties of the developing nations in the past through military colonialism campaigns, and in the present through controlling the economic in those developing countries and limiting its development and growth. And because the capitalist system cares only for PROFIT and MONOPOLY; many children die because of hunger while millions of dollars are spend to produce military tanks or rockets to oppress the weakest nations.

The Palestinian youth group commented that the world can end problems such hungriness, poverty, unemployment, and assure the right to education for all; if the nations of the world all stand against the capitalism, especially the American one which damage a lot of tons of grain yearly in order to save its profits and keep its price in the market, so to consume the resources to build its military power.

Hence, we all have to foster the international solidarity to stop any forms of oppression, and
as Gevara said “Wherever the oppression/injustice presents, it is my homeland”

Rol play

It’s a role game where youngsters play the different behaviours adopted by the different groups of an impoverished country when a food transnational whose main house is in an enriched country is going to be settled.


·    Reflex about the consequences that an external actuation may have on economy, society and ecosystems of an impoverished country.
·    Analyse the interests that move the different social groups in a country and the conflicts that confrontations among them can lead to.
·      Develop the capacity to preview action consequences.
·      Stimulate the search of group solutions.


Between 15 and 40 people. From 14-year-old on.

·      Instructions.

·      Character cards.
 The play cards you will need for this game you can download on:

AJS Youth Group
Just before the Christmas holiday we´ve managed to realize the last Social Justice activity, although we have to admit that we did another rol play than the one on the blog. 

This year our group counts with 7 new members, all between 12 and 15 years old, so we found the activity far to difficult for them. That is why we did a rol play about living from agriculture and having to deal with all difficulties and risks an agriculturer has to live with (extremely dry or humed seissons, low prices on the international market, national and international conflicts, credits and debts, etc.)

We have learned how difficult it is to live from agriculture, how low the prices are and how high the risk is to loose everything you have. We talked about the need of collaboration and solidarity between nations and the egocentrism and inhumanity of our financial markets and the growing individualism among the people.

Golden Orange Youth Group

As a team we had created an initiative activity of visiting an orphanage and the same day we eid the video conference with the Albanian group, we shared our feelings with them..we told how young people have been living in different condititions. The team gave presents and wished Happy New Year to them.They are in warm homes but no parents living with them.. It was a different experience for the team ..We left the orphanage with different feelings..How lucky the youngsters who are living with their parents!!


The end result of this activity will be an investigation led by ALL partners, about how much does cost justice. Every groupp has to investigate the price of one of the following products.  

Spain:                                    Messi´s month salary
Albania:                                 A spy plane or better known as an invisible plain
Letland:                                 Nuclear submarine
Turkey (Golden Orange)          Tank
Slovakia                                 Ground to air missile
Jordania:                                Hospital
Haiti                                       Minimum salary in Haiti
Palestine                               Primary School
Turkey (Troy Club)                  Well
Morocco                                 Malaria vaccine

When we will receive all results we will publish a visual graphics with the conclusions.
Good luck!

Please publish the prices in the following sheet.

PRICE       (US$)         

 5.5 billions $

     3.6 mil $
PRICE       (US$)         

40 - 300 min $


ACTIVITY 4 (Optional)

This activity is optional and is ment for those groups that are working very fast.

Title: How much can we win?

Aim: To reach as most as posible points choosing between several options of black and white cards.

To observe competition and cooperation mechanism between the participants.

To estimulate a debate about the topic with the feelings that came out during the activity.

Participants: Youth groups. Age: 12 years old and up.


Divide the group in 4 groups. There can be some observator that will notify the attitude of each group and the whole dinamic. Each group will receive 1 black and 1 white sheet. There will be 10 rounds in which each group will try to earn as much as posible considerating the following earnings table. 

Write the results on the following results sheet:

1 min
Only with your group

Only with your group

Only with your group

Only with your group

1.30 min
You may consult other groups

Only with your group

Only with your group

1.30 min
You may consult other groups

Only with your group

1.30 min
You may consult other groups

Debate: How did you feel during the activity? What is more practical: to cooperate or to compete? Who becomes the winner? What kind of dinamic does it create? Results? ...

Activity 4 with Troy youth club

Last sunday, We arranged a meeting with more youngsters from our school to introduce our project and the optional activity (4). Before this project we had done this activity and joined some workshops about youth entrepreneurship. When we started doing this activity, we where thinking like an entrepreneur. We tried to earn more money. We showed the white cards and we lost. Then we tried to cooperate in a group with some strategies. In the time when we talked with all groups, we showed black cards and we earned money.

In that game when we left our ambitions behind, we started to get more money together. We earned money in an equal way. If we competed with each other, one of the groups would be the winner, but then the others would not get much money. It is similar in life. If we cooperate and empatize with each other, the world will be more balanced and equal.

Activity 4 with Ajovenes Solidarios in Spain 

We did this activity last Wednesday separated into four groups of four members. For the first
turn, all members of each group had the same feeling which was to get more score and compete with each other in the same group, but for the second turn we started to think that if we want to win this game we should change our strategy and stop thinking individually. It means that team members must work together closely while moving towards their goals and make every effort to support and cooperate with each otherThe winner group cooperated and worked as a real team so they won this game. Even though the rest of the groups' members tried to work together, if one member in the group continued to think individually at the end the group would lose.

Video conferences

Saturday 8 of December, the AJS (Spain) youth and the Youth4Smile (Latvia) youth met each other during a video conference. The aim of the activity was to know each other and to talk about the Social Justice. It has not been easy: Both group were seeing each other for the first time and everyhing had to be translated to able the communication on both sides. Thanks to the effort of the youth leaders we talked about the definition of the Social Justice, we compared the fight for the independace of Palestine with the one of Latvia, 21 years ago, the entrance of Paelstina into UN as an observing country. But also there was space to ask more personal questions beyond the Social Justice topic, as: how is the weather in each country at the moment, what kind of foorbol team they like and why there were no girls in the latvian group.
Thank you all!

Skype Meeting with Golden Orange Youth Club in Turkey and Active Youth Club in Albania.

Theme and Aim : Meeting with Albanian team and to talk about Social Justice

Time: 19th December,2012

Golden Orange youth Club -Albanian Team had a skype meeting on 19th December,2012.
On that day the youngsters were very excited about meeting their friends in Albania.

The youngsters introduced themselves to the coach of Albanian team. We were 15 people on that evening.Golden Orange youth Club also told how they have been running their activities not only at school and but also in the society..
Albanian coach and Golden Orange Youth club shared the ideas how people and youngsters live in different  conditions and how young people are suffered by economical and social problems.

The team danced and sang songs around the table which was full of delicious meals and cakes by means of  New Year as well:)  


Probably the easiest way of putting in contact two countries with over
3500 de km distance in between is by using the internet. On Sunday, 6 PM, AJS (Association Jovenes Solidarios, Espana) spoke to 2 groups from Turkey, one from Instanbul and one from Canakkale, both from the same organization - Troy Youth Club (TYC). Using a special program for internet video conferences, the participants could see and talk to each other!

In the beginning, all the groups presented their organization, then each group presented their colaboration within the YP2OF project (their experience with the activities from the blog), what they made for promoting the social justice (discussions with other people from Turkey upon this large theme -what do they think about it- and establishing contact between the Turkish minorities of their country).

In the last part, Monia proposed an "open-space" where the youngsters could ask any questions they like, so that they could know each other better. The youngsters from Turkey asked for the names and ages of each participant from Spain, and, in reverse, the Spanish youngsters were interested in what the Turkish youngsters were doing in their free time. The "open-space" culminated with an interpretation of a Turkish song by Ade, who is one of the european volunteers that work in AJS. All the youngsters were delighted and sang together... we had even lighters on while singing!!!

Per all, it was the best international youth video conference of YP2OF (and probably on the Earth), because we discovered once again how many things we've got in common...

AJS. :)

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