Song: Your Participation is Our Future
by: Spain, Haiti, Palestina, Turkey, Albania, Slovakia, Morocco, Jordan

Song "No importan las naciones"


All different but all the same / Todos diferentes, y a la vez todos iguales
/ Many people from a lot of places/ Mucha gente de muchos lugares
/ White or black/ Blanco o negro
 / All colours/ Todos los colores
/ We go all together/ Vamos todos juntos
/No nations needed/ No importan las naciones
 / Solidarity/ Solidaridad
 / Without clasification/ Sin clasificar
 / A friendship/ Una amistad
/ Happieness/ Felicidad


"Colors differ

& religions,

all of us is ONE in origin..

be a friend to me

the same way will gather u & me

Our tomorrow will be free

of justice we dream

we sing for land & for beauty"

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