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This will be a story written by all of us. 
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The lines that you are going to read is not only the drama of a crowded and poor family  in a village  of a country  somewhere but also whole humanity...Ali...Just 11 years old..and in the middle of the war in his tears...
I knew where ı was when ı opened my eyes..I was beside of the ruins..While ı was trying to remember what had happened ıt was just as i ı was living everything again..The soldiers who entered our house by force killed my dad and mom right before my eyes..Luckily ı was able to hide under the bed..I wish that they killed me too..ı could hear my moms sreams those were screams filled with pain..My dad begged them not to be killed ,but he took a shot beetween his brows before he finished..I cant hold my tears now..I wish ı forgot everything that happened..I got out silently after the soldiers left..Both my mom and dad were lying on the floor in blood..My moms tears were still on her face..I kissed her and cried and cried....I will miss the times when we played soccer with my dad..I will miss hugging him..I got out of  the house with small steps..The street was empty in complete silence.I walked along the street slowly as ı couldnt think of anywhere to go..I began to hear bomb impacts suddenly..I got scared and began to run..But what good would it do..Then ı heard one other after another,The noises bacame louder and louder...I could under the shelter that the impact points were getting closer....finally one of them came near me..I lied still on the ground..,in pain.............................................................................................................

After a while, bombs stopped. I kept lying still, in my shelter. My leg hurted, but I didn’t dare to move, not to talk about going out. I remained there for what seemed hours and then I heard someone’s steps. They came nearer and nearer until I could see a pair of feet stopping in front of me. I closed my eyes and tried to be quiet, but I couldn’t help shivering and weeping. Then I heard a voice:
-Ali, is it you?
I opened my eyes and could see Alp’s face. He had squatted and was looking to where I was. Alp is a boy from my village, he is fourteen. I have never been very fond of him, as he is always telling you how big he is and how small you are, but now I thanked God it was him.
-Have they gone? I asked him.
-Yes, you can come out now.
He helped me out. When I tried to stand up, a sharp pain in my leg made me fall down. I looked at it and found it full of blood, all down my knee. Alp said nothing, but tore off a piece of his jellaba and with the piece of cloth dressed my wound up. While he did this he told me how he had managed to escape. Some of the girls of the village had gone to the river for a bath and Alp and his friends had followed them some time later in order to hide themselves and watch them bathing. So there were they –the boys hidden watching and the girls pretending not to see them- when the shots and the screams began in the village.
-So we surrounded the village and went to the Devil’s Cave and hide there- Alp explained.
When the noise of the bombs fade out, they thought someone should go to find out what had happened.
-And as I’m the oldest one, I came to look.
These were the kind of brags I hated most of him, but I did no longer mind, now he had become my savior.
-And what was what you found? - I asked him.
-Everybody is dead, men, women and children. Only we managed to escape and Joseph, I imagine, that must be uphill with the goats; if he’s still alive he’s the only adult that has survived.. But now we must go to the cave, we don’t know where the soldiers are.
The mention of the soldiers gave me strength enough to stand up and, with Alp’s help, begin to walk. As we crossed the village, I could see the wreck in the village: smashed windows, fallen down roofs, demolished walls and blood everywhere. I didn’t want to weep in front of Alp, so I tightened my teeth; nevertheless a moment later my face was full of tears. Alp stopped and held me in his arms. He was weeping too. He kept me some time like that, trying to comfort me and then he said.
-Ali, I know how you feel, as you were in the village when the soldiers arrived. We were lucky enough not to be there. But now you must be strong. We must get to the cave and organize ourselves: We must get food, water, clothes…and decide what we are going to do now.
-Yes, you’re right- I said. And we began, slowly, to walk towards the cave........................................

…….Ali and Alp income to the cave, after their arrival to the middle of the cave, and hope to escape themselves. And found the light emitted from the center of the cave, felt very scared, and after a short dialogue, they decided to enter to the cave, slowly approaching and suddenly heard a strange voice invite them to approach and enter without fear, beginning believe that the souls of their parents inhabit this cave, after a moment they heard another voice “move don’t be afraid, we are here to offer you help”,  then appeared a person currying a lamp, increased their fear and they thought that it’s their end…….

And then he met Jamila and felt in love with her...


 Ali continued his way toward the future with a lot of confidence and patience;  Ali decided to make effort to work to continue his life as usual with patience and struggle.

 Married to the beatiful Jamila, she loved him so much and he admired her frankness and her sincerity, and he feels a new life, especially after the war stopped also.

After year of marriage, they gave birth to a child, but of coincidences also, Ali died moments before  baby was born, his wife was so sad, and she decided to call a new baby ALI, so ALI 2 find his way toward a life.......

The baby born and Jamilla was wondering how happy his father would be if he was alive. But unfortunately, the new born will never know his father.
Few years after, Ali was always asking her mom about his dad. Where he was and for how long he was out. Her mother often attempted to tell him about his father. But as he was so little to understand and to remind the stories, then he kept on asking again and again.
And now that he was 10 years old, one day Ali asked her mom:
-          Could you tell me about my father and his parents please?
Her mom tried to explain:
-          I knew your grandfathers a long time ago. We usually passed good moments with them with my parents. I was little girl. And suddenly all things have changed. The village had a surprise attack from soldiers. And that might be the biggest massacres that our country knew. Many people were shot, including your grandparents. That’s how you lost them.
-          As your father was growing up, he could never forget this saddest moment of his life. Rise without a family was never easy. He was strong enough to reach his dream but not enough to support the loss of his parents.
-          And suddenly, one day after our wedding, he had a heart attack. We discover that he was suffering of high blood pressure caused by a trauma for the loss of his family. We always followed the medical opinion, but instead of it when I was pregnant he was not able to survive his last attack and died.
Ali was crying over the death of his father and promised to work for the peace in his community.

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